Video Kangaroo Portal

Video Kangaroo Portal
Video Kangaroo Portal, the new mode to research and select Human Resource.
The Video CV is the element that changes the traditional way to evaluate and to select people: it optimizes and reduces the time of the research staff.
Simetra has developed a New Platform that supports the process of recruiting both traditional and innovative ones, the main features are:
  • To filter elements to reduce the evaluation time
  • To support recruiting process of many people in short time
  • To reduce the proximity problem
  • To allow you to watch it again
  • To permit to analyze and detect details often invisible in a live interview
The Video Kangaroo Portal represents the new fantastic opportunity to differentiate the company’s own brand.
Poorly written CVs are frequently received from the new generation of applicants .. but  their Video CV are direct, true and personal.
  • More simple mode to present themselves
  • Fewer formal barriers
  • Viral proliferation of the solution
  • A fashionable way to enter into the workforce
  • Simple integration with Social Networks
  • Cool Hunting
Company Market targets:
  • Greater staff turnover
  • Elevated public exposure
  • Seasonality
  • High number of searched employees
  • Research on vast geographic coverage
  • International presence
But does this technology exist which is:
  • Inexpensive,
  • Non proprietary and not closed,
  • Multilanguage,
  • That manages all the different video format present in the world?

Yes, it does! The Simetra Video Kangaroo Portal

Our Business Format:
  • Not an outsourcing but a system profiled on your own needs and rules
  • Not shared Video CVs with your competitors; they must be your corporate assets
  • Build your corporate Video CV Data Base with our technology